“Sale is the airframe only use for parts or rebuild another. No engine and No Avionics included with.

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Make: Micco Model Year: 2001

Arizona Air Salvage

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A certified gear retract tail dragger plane that is capable of aerobatics
A two place side by side like an RV6(but can be powered by a Lycoming IO-540 260HP engine not included with this sale.)
Capable of cross country flights, 150kts plus, fun little machine

2001 Micco airframe only
S/N 260002 676.5 hrs TT
Sale included both wings, main gears, tail controls and interior.
Lycoming engine, avionics radio stack, engine monitor and autopilot system have been removed for separate sale. Feel free to contact us on these items or other aircraft parts.
Like all taildraggers they have or will be involved in a ground loop. That"s exactly what happened to this Micco. Aircraft ground looped, main gear leg folded in.
The damage isn"t too bad and is isolated to a few areas Prop Strike Lower cowling (easy glass work)One main gearBelly skins Left wing tip (minor scrapes and a crease)Gear doorsI did notice on the left top wing walk there is a bump in the skin, does not appear to be cracked and could easily be flushed outThe frame on this Micco is tubular and built like a tank. I didn"t see any frame damage
Control surfaces appear to be clean and straight
No Firewall damage!
Now finding parts for this might be a bit hard since the company no longer exists. So some creativity will have to come into play. *Their is a contact in the Micco community than can assist.
Sold as is where is, full logs, faa bill of sale included. Located in Phoenix AZ we will gladly help you load for transport
Current date: 2020-09-30