“Built by Oshkosh winner very nice and 252 Kts” 2003 Stallion Performance confirmed in Flight.

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“Built by Oshkosh winner very nice and 252 Kts”
Model Year: 2003 Make: Stallion
Performance confirmed in Flight test:Climb 2,000 ft per minute @ 150 Kts. Best Glide 110 kts, Stall 64 kts. Take off 800 ft, landing 1,000 ft.Max gross wt. 4,100 lbs, Empty wt. 2,644 Fuel 188 gallonsAvia Prop V-50884 serial # 93065568Designed by Martin Hollman Aircraft Designs called Flying HorseACTT 240 hrsWalters 601 D turbineDiemech Upgraded stacks ( exhaust gas extractor)Safe start limiterFire Extinguish SystemRudder with indicatorAileron and elevator trim on control stickElevator trim with indicatorElectronics internationalRPM (N1) ITTTorque RPM (N2)Oil P/T Volts/AmpsDual speakers/ 4 place intercomElectric FlapsGMA 340, MX20, Garmin 430, SL30, GTX327, STEC 50 A/P, Call Bob 951-288-8544Aircraft located in N.C. Fuel burn ranges from 25-36 GPHSpeeds at 12,000 ft 232 indicated 252 TrueSee additional specs in photos
Current date: 2019-03-01