Notes: “ Built by Oshkosh winner very nice and 252 Kts ” 2003 Stallion Performance confirmed in.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Built by Oshkosh winner very nice and 252 Kts ”
Model Year: 2003 Make: Stallion

Performance confirmed in Flight test: Climb 2,000 ft per minute @ 150 Kts. Best Glide 110 kts, Stall 64 kts. Take off 800 ft, landing 1,000 ft. Max gross wt. 4,100 lbs, Empty wt. 2,644 Fuel 188 gallons Avia Prop V-50884 serial # 93065568 Designed by Martin Hollman Aircraft Designs called Flying Horse ACTT 240 hrs Walters 601 D turbine Diemech Upgraded stacks ( exhaust gas extractor) Safe start limiter Fire Extinguish System Rudder with indicator Aileron and elevator trim on control stick Elevator trim with indicator Electronics international RPM (N1) ITT Torque RPM (N2) Oil P/T Volts/Amps Dual speakers/ 4 place intercom Electric Flaps GMA 340, MX20, Garmin 430, SL30, GTX327, STEC 50 A/P, Call Bob Aircraft located in N.C.
Located in Riverside, California, United States.
Current date: 2019-02-08