“Missing main wheel pants.” 2006 N530CT For Sale120 Knots at 5 GPHDesirable Steam gauge CTSW 777 TT.

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“Missing main wheel pants.”
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N530CT For Sale

120 Knots at 5 GPH

Desirable Steam gauge CTSW 777 TT and engine

Trutrak ADI Pilot 2 axis autopilot with ALT hold coupled to GPS

BRS - Repacked in Jan 2013

5 Year Rubber replacement April 2012

Always hangared

Garmin GNC-250 XL GPS

Garmin GTX-327 Transponder

Glider Tow Package Oil Cooler (Have not towed a glider)

This CTSW is owned by the Moccasin Flying Club in Chattanooga, TN.

The aircraft is currently at Champion Flyers outside Birmingham, AL at KEET airport.

Sold with fresh September 2014 annual

The mains wheel pants are missing

There was a prop strike in 2013 a cone was hit. The prop clutch was inspected per requirements with no damage, and the damaged blades were replaced with new.

Please contact me with any questions

David Schorr



Here is an article from Plane and Pilot magazine.


Current date: 2014-10-11