“Fully assembled and tested and run for one hour, so it is nearly new and ready to fly.” Rotorway.

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Make: Rotorway Model Year: 2006
2006 Rotorway 164F Exec fully assembled with all the most recent safety systems on it. Selling 1/5 shares for $14,000 each.
The aircraft radios, weight and balance, and final wiring and inspection was accomplished by Sarasota Avionics and Planemakers, Inc. of Sarasota, FL.
Almost new. Only used for an hour before a medical issue came up leading to the owner stopping his flying and deciding to donate it to our charity to sell to raise funds to help people in extreme poverty.
Reference enclosed photographsairspeed indicator, engine and rotor tach, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, voltmeter,oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, manifold pressure, FADAC and ECU computerVHF radio transceiver, transponder, clock with second sweep hand, fuel gage The VHF radio transceiver is an FAA calibrated two-way radio capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals on 120 channels using the band 118.000-136.000 MHz. You can tune two different channels simultaneously with the frequency 121.500 typically monitored for distress signals. The transponder (short for transmitter-responder) is an electronic device that produces a response when it receives a radio-frequency interrogation. It broadcasts on bands 960-1164 MHz to respond to ATC interrogations. Typically set on 1200 for normal VFR flight and 7700 to report an emergency, 7600 to indicate loss of radio communications, or 7500 to indicate a hijacking situation. Other frequencies are typically assigned by ATC when the aircraft is under ATC control such as entering controlled airspace or flying under an IFR flight plan. Its output power is typically 200 watts. Biennial certification checks are mandated by FAR 91.172. The emergency locator transmitter (ELT) is located under the seating area. It is designed to transmit a distress signal on 121.5 and 243.0 MHz frequencies, and for newer ELTs, on 406 MHz. ELTs are required to be installed in almost all U.S.-registered civil aircraft, including general aviation aircraft, as a result of a congressional mandate. The ELT installed in the aircraft is of the newer type I believe.
RotorWay Exec is a family of American two-bladed, skid-equipped, two-seat kit helicopters.
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