Notes: “Total Time on Engine = 155.25hrs Total Time on Airframe = 153.2” 2007 Phantom I hate to let.

Condition: Seller notes:
“Total Time on Engine = 155.25hrs Total Time on Airframe = 153.2”
Model Year: 2007 Make: Phantom

I hate to let her go but bills need to be paid. Must Pick Up! Located in Holly Hill, SC at the local airport (always hangared). I got this beauty on an aircraft swap 4/2017 and have flown it around Holly Hill, SC for approximately a total of 5 hours since I"ve owned it. I just can"t seem to find the time these days to fly, work and family. This has PLENTY of power and the Rotax 582s are usually used on the 2-place versions so its got plenty of power and doesn"t take much space to takeoff.
Aircraft Serial Number: 131097004 Built by Rainbow Aviation Services.
TT on engine airframe is 153.2hrs. TT on engine is 155.25hrs. The engine is a Rotax 582 and starts up everytime. Runs great and the EGT"s, Water temp, and Cyl head temps have never exceeded limits. The aircraft comes with a 10 gallon (5 gal max to fall within regs of ultralight) nicely built aluminum fuel tank. Brand new battery installed as of last month.
Avionics: Airspeed indicator, Electronic Information System/ Engine Information System: 4 or 6 Exhaust Gas Temperatures* 4 or 6 Cylinder Head Temperatures* Tachometer Oil Temperature Oil Pressure 6 Auxiliary Inputs user configurable can provide: Manifold Pressure (normally aspirated or turbo) Fuel Pressure Fuel Level (using capacitive or float-type sending units) Fuel Flow Coolant Pressure Ammeter Ignition Advance, second voltmeter, rotor rpm, etc. Outside Air Temperature Voltmeter Carburetor Temperature Hour meter Flight Timer with Interval Timer and Altimeter Avionics cont. Ball Slip indicator, Strobe lights installed and work (also have additional strobes not installed/ Landing lights), Warning Light Dual Magnum ignition, Electronic Fuel Pump w/ switch & Mechanical Fuel Pump.
* *Has Disc Brakes with lever attached to control stick
3 Blade Carbon Fiber Adjustable Prop (adjust on ground manually).
Custom made control stick with easy access push button to scroll through readouts on the Electronic Information System. Also has a Ballistic Recovery Chute (BRS-5 Model 750) Installed. 4 years past expiration and could use a repack but I trust it as its always been hangared and no humidity intrusion. Can be repacked by factory if wanted.
Aircraft was once given a special airworthiness certificate in 2007 and N-numbered (expired), see log book pictures.
Overall this is a wonderful aircraft and is even rated at +9Gs, -6Gs and can be used for aerobatics (you must have training). All hardware that attaches wings have been replaced with brand new from Aircraft Spruce (1/2018). I hate to let her go but priorities, priorities, priorities :(
The specs on this aircraft can be easily googled if you type in Phantom X-1 with 582, and there are a bunch of videos of people flying these. I even have a few videos of ME flying it if wanted. . just send a request and Ill be happy to show you. Also I can hold this aircraft for you for a month or so, just let me know.
Thanks! Any questions, just ask :)
Located in Holly Hill, South Carolina, United States.
Current date: 2018-05-31