2004 Revolution Revolution mini 500 turbine helicopter. 115HP T 62 turbine powerplant This was a.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2004
Make: Revolution

Revolution mini 500 turbine helicopter. 115HP T-62 turbine powerplant This was a professional built mini 500 helicopter . World class paint job. Only 44hrs total time on this mini 500 helicopter. Comes with technical drawings of the turbine as well blade balancing instruction and a micro balancer. Original assembly manuals and operation manuals for this helicopter are included. Blades will need to be balanced before any flight. Due to removal and transport of helicopter and blades multiple times. Also helicopter being in a collection for a long period of time not flying we are selling it as a non airworthy aircraft. It will be your responsibility to register and have a professional verify its ready for safe flight. People have asked what the non painted part of the frame by the alternator is . This is where they upgraded the alternator to a larger size and welded another bracket to hold new alternator obviously after the frame was painted originally. There is no log books. There is a start up procedure sheet. Last flown around 2010 before going on display. Its an amazing show piece of engineering and beauty . This is the lowest price you will see this aircraft. If you want it now is the time to buy you may not see it for sale again at this price.
Payment buy bank transfer 3 days after auction end.
Current date: 2021-07-08