This is a plans built 7 8 Scale SE 5. It was registered as N1608P, but has now been deregistered and.

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Condition: Used
This is a plans-built 7/8 Scale SE-5. It was registered as N1608P, but has now been deregistered and abandoned by the owner at the KSFQ airport. We sold this aircraft on an E=bay auction in July, but the buyer has never paid or made any serious arrangements to take possession. We need to dispose of it. Make and offer and arrange shipping and it is yours. As an A&P, I have done a cursory inspection and the workmanship looks decent. I have not thoroughly inspected the interior. The aircraft does not have an engine or propeller, but at one point a powerplant was installed. It is not clear if the aircraft ever flew. For prospective buyers, we can try to get you information about it if you let us know what you might care about. We presume the aircraft was at one time airworthy, but at this point it is anyone"s guess. We will assist with disassembly and shipping, which would need to be arranged with the buyer.
The aircraft has a control stick and the flight controls properly function - e.g. free and correct. The aircraft also has a throttle and a mixture cable for the engine which has been removed. It looks like the aircraft has a rudimentary electrical system and a starter button for an electric starter. The aircraft has a fuel tank that is partially full with fuel. The cockpit has a fuel selector valve that lets fuel flow out onto the ground through a gascolator. The aircraft appeared to have an instrument panel with a pitot static system, however it has all been removed with the exception of the plumbing for the pitot static plumbing. The guide wires on the wing and empennage are tight. The rudders are interconnected to the tailwheel. It looks like a real airplane. I will post some pictures to the ad for you.
I relisted this on 9/30 , but due to an E-Bay glitch, I had to redo the ad this morning (10/1). To those that bid, please rebid on this AD. Its the same aircraft.
Current date: 2021-10-02