“Considered for parts or repair only. I am not advertising this as flyable. As I am not versed in.

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MODEL: MA-32 TRIKE Not sure on the year of this is
****Considered for parts or repair only*** I am Not advertising this as flyable. Also As I am not versed in the regulations nor have I had this inspected in any way, buyer assumes responsibility of this aircraft to get checked out by a qualified mechanic for safety and repair. Selling As Is for parts.
Purchased to resell. I will try and update with more details.
I have the wings for this also but they are huge and wrapped up and I have not gotten a chance to check on their condition (there is one pic of them they are called Ghost) as I purchased this right as snow was starting here in MN. The motor turns over, but will need to be gone over and probably rebuilt. Right now it is located at our pawn shop in Barnum, MN. As is price. *****UPDATED I WILL NOW BE SELLING THE WATER FLOATS THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED IN ANOTHER LISTING
I have updated this listing as of 03/29/18:
03/29/18. I took pics of the 6 blades, one of the 6 has damage.
I opened up the wing bag enough to see it is a 16 Ghost labeld on the wings
Dec 2018 I added picks of the Rotax motor. I also have the manual, training program and instructor guide.
01/10/2019 - Replaced a cracked oil cap (brand new)
It is the purchaser"s responsibility to have the Ultralight looked over by a professional after purchase for any sort of use.
I will continue to have it listed and as I have time will update on any other information gathered.
I was asked if there is a N # on the ultralight body. I could not find one. (update as of 1/15/2019)
If purchasing this item on Ebay, you are giving your consent that the seller will not be held responsible for the use of this aircraft by the sellers or anyone asscoaited with the sellers for other than a parts machine.
Current date: 2019-05-04