This Eurofox A240 is in great condition with quick folding wings, one person 15 min job. Airplane.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
This Eurofox A240 is in great condition with quick-folding wings, one person 15 min job. Airplane comes with four-point seat/shoulder harness, large luggage compartment, gull-wing doors quick removable for flying with out doors! Low time 100hp Rotax 912 ULS engine 710TT, turning a three-blade composite, FITI propeller, Matco brakes, Funke COM radio, Becker S mode transponder, AvMap EKP IV GPS, Strob/nav lights. The paint , fabric, and interior are in great condition. The seats are very comfortable. Partial trade/ for airplane or helicopter project will be considered. If you should have any questions please call 773- 43one-392six

EuroFox specifications and performance...
Wingspan 30.2" , wing area 123,8 sq ft aircraft length 18.9" aircraft height 5.58" cockpit width 44.1" glide ratio 14:1 at 60 mph cruise speed 110 mph stall speed 40 mph Climb rate 1100 fpm with 100 hp rotax take-off roll 160"(at gross weight) empty weight 636 lbs gross weight 1232 lbs VNE 128 mph
Current date: 2020-03-14