Esprit DD 1 2000 Experimental twin engine motor glider Esprit DD 1 for sale.Once a life time.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Esprit DD-1
Model Year: 2000
Experimental twin engine motor glider Esprit DD-1 for sale.
Once a life time opportunity !!!!!
If you are looking for / and to manufacture a relatively inexpensive motor glider design, you may want to look into this offer closer and
consider this attractive package, it will save you thousands of hours and $$$$$ building a new prototype like this one. Cost of this prototype was much more than what I am here asking for. I am looking for a person/company that will take over and produce this beautiful aircraft.
You are buying very unique factory designed ,built and flown single seat experimental motor glider with exclusive manufacturing rights.Total flight time since new is 22 hr. (recorded). It is very capable of taking off on single engine. This is virtually a brand new aircraft and package sold at a very reasonable price. The wing, fuselage and tail feathers are aluminum construction with fabric covering, the cockpit is all composite. (Fairly simple design-entry level motor glider)
The 2 engines are Solo 210 (15 hp each) with electric/manual start and equipped with decompression valves. The German super-efficient folding props are composite and fully ground adjustable. Also installed is a BRS recovery system.This aircraft (and exclusive manufacturing rights) is being "sold as is ” at this very attractive price. The glider is currently disassembled and it is in a dry storage. Some signs of hanger rash, prior inspection is welcome, please make an appointment.
If the new owner lives within a 50 mile radius from Jupiter, I will offer my personal assistance with inspection (at no cost) and consultation (at cost) with manufacturing set up. Please read carefully before you make this purchase as you are fully responsible for and to check with FAA as to what licensing is required for you to operate this aircraft (this is not an ultra-light) and you must be a experienced glider pilot. The purchaser will also have to sign a purchase agreement and other documents pertaining to sale and transfer of manufacturing rights.
There are many additional parts, tooling , 2 production cockpit molds , blueprints (not complete set) etc. that will come with this purchaseTechnical data: Wing span: 43 ft ; Length: 21 ft; Wing area 105 sq ft; Empty weight 330 lbs;Useful load 220 lbs; Glide ratio: 28:1; Sink rate 2.8ft/46mph, take-off distance: 350 ft; Leading edge fuel capacity: 6 gal; Operating G-loads +4, -2 times 1.5 safety factor.You can also see pics and video on "you tube" under ...."Esprit Motor Glider"Good luck with bidding......Note: this is not an aerobatic/acrobatic aircraft !!!For more information/questions call after 7 p.m. est. 561-741-8647, or email me over "contact seller" .
Current date: 2019-12-03