“Twin cylinder air cooled aircraft engine, which turns over freely with what feels like good.

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Make: unknown Model Year: unknown
This is a twin cylinder air-cooled prop engine, with points and condenser. I have searched the engine for numbers or methods of finding identification. Although I have no knowledge of this type of engine I do believe it is of pre 1950. I am basing that on the spark plugs. I am really looking to learn what this engine is. I am not sure if it is a pusher or a puller. Again I have no knowledge of these engines but the wear on the prop suggests to me that it is a puller, but then again I really don"t know how air affects props. I would like to hear from anyone willing to educate me on this engine. This engine came from the house of an aviation engineer. Any help would be appreciated. I am putting this in with a high price but after learning more about the engine I will relist and lower my price to a more realistic one. I can say that from bottom of mounting clamp to top of gas tank is 30" and the prop is 36" long
Current date: 2019-11-09