“PROJECT” Beech 1955 Dear Friends Here is for sale a 1955 BONANZA V35, that has been meticulously.

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Make: Beech Model Year: 1955
Dear Friends
Here is for sale a 1955 BONANZA V35, that has been meticulously restored up to this point. I just lost interest in this airplane and in aviation in general so the airplane is up for sale
The airplane have no books, the idea was to install a used IO470 or IO 520 and start a new book for the fuselage, so when I bought the airplane that was not the problem for me
The engine 225 with its propeller is there in an accent shape, no prop strike, no issues whatsoever Also, although all the parts are there I throw away all the radio, since they were all old and I will replace them with a set of garmins nav/com coupled with a pair o G5", for which the aluminum panel for the new instruments are there
Also all the engine instruments, nav instruments and interior is there as well
The airplane was completly and professionaly striped to bare metal and painted with AWL GRIP, new stabs install and new flaps or ailerons, don"t remember very well, any away the old parts are there
All new one piece windshield as well as all windows were replaced, rebuild landing gear, wheel hubs, brake hoses, wheel ball bearing, new tire, new flap cable, new landing gear bar push rod Here is what I know about the airplane
1-) the airplane was a 2 owner since new
2-) it had logs and books, but I got lost along the way on the transport of the airplane to pompano
3-) it have very low hours around 600
4-) the airplane is complete and it was flying before got disassembled
5-) There is no nav instruments or radios at all( since my father throw away evening for a new Panel with g5 amd Garmin radios
6-) there is a interior, although it’s not in place since I was supposed to be rehupsoltery
7-) never a prop strike
8-) no crash’s
9-) new alwgrip paint job, with the whole airplane remove to the bare metal
10-) new flaps and aileron cables
11-) rebuilt landing gears
12-) rebuilt brakes with new hi press lounges
13-) new tires
14-) new wheel ball bearings and seals
15-) new windshield and glasses all around
16-) engine with excellent compression ( don’t remember the numbers right now
17-) the engine and navigation panel is there
I’m asking 26k wiche again don’t even brake even ( between the paint job, the initial price of the airplane, the new windshield, and the list goes on and on ....)I know that the airplane
Ricardo Filho
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