Item specifics
Condition: Used
Don"t blame me. I never had any trouble with it...........You are welcome to inspect. Call for instructions after you locate Panama, OK on the map. Might start it for you. On a Perfect day I might show you how it goes. No promises. 3+ hours Dallas, OKC, Little Rock. 7+ St Louis, Houston. If you don"t want the chute, I"ll try to buy it back from you. I own BRSI stock. Buy a new one.
Bought this in Boston Several years ago. Hauled it to the farm here in Panama (way Eastern) Oklahoma. Have used it (rarely) ever since. Put maybe 20 hours on it.Believe it had an N number once, but not sure. This isn"t really an (unregulated) ultralight because it is heavier than allowed. Was 2-place. I still have the rear tank/seat and stick and pedals. Included.Electric start Hirth with plenty of power. Centrifugal clutch in gearbox. Suspension on main gear. This is a RUGGED airplane. I never messed with trim. Flies fine. I added an out-of-date but still-in-sealed-BRS-box to it. I don"t fly at full throttle (seldom climb at full throttle) and generally fly slowly and within sight (but not within Glide) of the farm. Has electric and Mikuni fuel pumps. Dual ignition. Several books included.This airplane struck me as being Kinda-Rough when I bought it......and it hasn"t gotten better. Former owner was a landscape contractor and I"m a farmer (retired engineer). Theory is: If It Works, it works. My CZ motocross bikes and farm tractors aren"t pretty either. If you need a 1970 RACE-READY 400 CZ, glad to put one on ebay (to Race...not Restore). Anyway, the Beaver flies. Brakes work. Chute might. Prop is nice.............I"m not trying to hide anything..... This is a rough old aircraft and you could die playing with it. If you"re fussy, Please PUSH THE BACK BUTTON NOW. I Don"t want to deal with you. If you"re crazy.....and don"t understand that flying is serious, do the same. If you"re young, same. If you"re worried about the Feds chasing you, I"ll list my Challenger I..... that"s is as unregulated as a tricycle...... then I"ll just keep this. -----------KNOWN DEFECTS AND ISSUES------------Outdated chute, old everything (new gas Every time), Faded wings with rash repair And dog-repair. The good news is that, if a 60lb pit-bull gets on the top of the wings and tries to dig down to the cat Inside the wing, he"ll neither get the cat nor do any important damage. Glad I don"t have one of those pretty 5,000 hour-build homebuilts. Neighbor"s dog has pretty sharp claws and managed to punch a hundred holes. Failed to punch a thousand. I repaired the holes (which really wouldn"t have hurt anything) with 5200 and clear sail-repair tape. Either would have been enough. That was a year or two ago. Wings, etc have always had wrinkles. The choke (really Enrichener) cables to the twin Bing carbs are cut ....I cut them. Weren"t working, and now they can"t hurt anything either. First start of the day I pour a little gas over the air-cleaners or get wife to dust them with ether (farmers have that all over the place). Motor runs great. Last Hot, humid day that I flew, I found that the motor was too rich (main jets too big for that condition) so I removed filters (no dust/dirt nearby anyway) for that flight. Put them on after landing. Real planes have mixture controls. I put 4-point restraint in the Beaver. I always wear a helmet. I removed the old windshield. Lexan on ebay if you want. I don"t fly unless conditions are perfect.....and the farm chores are done. I was up on a pretty windy day once and got worried about getting down. 2,000 " strip E-W between two ridges, so a gusty, rolling SSW wind didn"t help. Turns out that it was OK right down close to the ground. If I flew more I"d be better at it.....then I"d fly more, etc. -------This is an old amateur-built aircraft. You could be injured or die playing with it.
I Think youtube "student pilot forgets" is a Beaver. Not sure. But other RX550"s there.
Transport: I have a light tandem flatbed trailer that would carry this nicely. New tires, good lights. Borrow it and leave me a deposit (give back if you return it.....talking about the TRAILER only). Almost 8" wide without wings. I removed tail and horizontal to haul. Best that you participate in wing removal, etc, so you can easily assemble, but wife and I drive to Connecticut once or twice a year and Might get it to somewhere along the way. Not free. Rather not deliver. Need a truck with that? Beaver is always in dark hangar. Was when I bought it. Will store in hangar (after full payment) for a month or two, but mostly selling it so I can use the space for farm equipment. I"ll list my 27" gooseneck trailer tonight. Takes up Lots of space.
My hangar design (My design) is pretty good. I"d share it. Last one (of 3) I built (24x36 for Cessna) here was totally without help. Doors (easy doors) are tough to design. I use hanging flaps made of rubberized material from a 20,000 gal flexible tank.
I Think youtube "student pilot forgets" is a Beaver. Not sure. But other RX550"s there. $500 immediate paypal deposit. Remainder cash upon pick-up....or in 2 weeks...whichever is first.Request specific pictures and ask questions BEFORE YOU BID. Subject to local sale (listed elsewhere) BUT not after bid passes 2k$..... Then you can be sure that it will be here to the end, and winning bid gets it.
Once again: SANE ADULTS ONLY. DANGEROUS. INJURY OR DEATH POSSIBLE. As dangerous as a dirt-bike on a mountain-edge trail. Easier though.
Send your phone number and I"ll be glad to call you. Tell me what time is good for you.
Current date: 2018-08-22