“Damaged second world war fighter restoration project” BELL 1941 Extensive collection consisting of.

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Make: BELL Model Year: 1941
Extensive collection consisting of several Bell P-39 Airacobra combat veterans of the pacific war.
The main project consists of two P-39 fuselage hulks
P-39D 41-6978 & P-39Q 44-3303, both of which were shipped to the pacific theater in the second world war.
There are also parts from several D, F, L and Q aircraft and multiple identities
Parts included with the project consist of but are not limited to:
One complete wing, one disassembled wing, one half wing and multiple wing sections
Several wing tips
several sets of main under carriage
nose gear & wheel
rear greenhouse
intake scoop and other body panels
a pair of elevators and a damaged pair on the F tail
50 caliber and 37mm ammo boxes
cannon mounts
undercarriage leg doors
many wing skins
battery access trays
two nose gearboxes including one new old stock
several drive shafts
original instrument panel from 41-6978
A set of all three main instrument panels including left gun, center, right oxygen panels and lower iff box
many instruments
several sets of rudder pedals and hangars including a newly made set
new forward fuselage webs
brake master cylinders
more than one set of exhaust stacks and several P-400 type stacks
several doors
trim wheel
new old stock box steel center section with wing attach points
nose bowl
several armor sections
several landing gear retract mechanisms and motors
multiple front & rear windscreen frames
exhaust shrouds
hydraulic tanks
attach fittings
access panels
spars (also drawn in CAD)
large amount of pieces of airacobra wreckage from various aircraft for patterns/parts
many fittings & thousands and thousands of smaller parts
not everything available is in these pictures
located in Australia, world wide sea freight is available and would require one 40" and one 20" to ship.
Current date: 2021-03-30