Still in storage on Oahu (Kaneohe)Bensen B 8M Gyro standard motorised version, main production type..

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Condition: Used
Still in storage on Oahu (Kaneohe)
Bensen B-8M Gyro - standard motorised version, main production type. Powered by a McCulloch 4318 engine.
Shipped from California to Hawaii, yet we never got a chance to put it back together here in Hawaii, was just sitting in storage while we traveled around Asia. Now we decided to move to Europe, so the grand dreams of flying friendly hawaiian skies will have to be put on a long hold :(
Actual pictures of the gyro before dismantling and putting in crates for shipping.
The two wooden crates - boxes measure 32x44x22, 124x13x17, the weight is below 350 lbs.
You are very welcome to inspect and fly the gyrocopter - just keep in mind that it"s ready for shipping, so you would have to assemble it for flying AND in case you change your mind and don"t buy - it will be also on you to put it back in crates exactly the way it was.
I will split the shipping costs to States with you if sold for the full price.
Current date: 2019-03-03