This is a brand new(almost) two seat aircraft only with 42 hours on the airframe and 48 on the.

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Condition: Used
This is a brand new(almost) two seat aircraft only with 42 hours on the airframe and 48 on the engine. Hangered locally near Racine, WI 53177.
The aircraft has a Rotax 582 Blue Head Engine with C gearbox, electric start, ceramic exhaust, 3 blade Warp Drive prop, back up electric fuel pump with a 12 gal fuel tank.
The aircraft also includes many factory options including electric trim and flaps, wheel fairings on all 3 wheels with aluminum wheels and Black Max brakes. Also included are wingtip strobes, LED position lights an external communications antenna, full panel with altimeter, airspeed indicator, dual EGT, CHT, tachometer, slip indicator, compass, ELT and leather seats.
Total build costs was more than $31,000. The only other CGS Hawk Arrow II I could find was a 2007 model with a Rotax 912. It was selling for $28,500. It was average looking and 10 years older than mine. Additional information: The long streamlined cockpit area has a flat floor, and a low sloping windshield that gives unobstructed forward visibility. The large vertical tail balances the longnose, which yields excellent yaw stability. The Arrow II wing has a semi-symmetrical airfoil and streamlined extruded aluminum wing struts. The Hawks incorporate a curved front spar carry-through, allowing for ample headroom, even for taller pilots. The rear seat is higher than the front seat, so the field of vision of the passenger or instructor int he rear seat is less obstructed. The electric flaps are very effective in increasing climb rate and decreasing landing distance. At the heart of the Hawk"s unique design is its curved boom tube. The curved boom allows the horizontal stabilizer to be placed above the down-wash of the wing, especially when flaps are deployed. Another benefit of the curve is short landing gear legs, which makes it easier to get in and out of your plane. The curved boom is stronger in torsion than a straight boom and allows the airplane to rotate for takeoffs and landings without banging the tail on the ground. The Arrow II incorporates tandem seating rather than side by side. The advantages of tandem over side-by-side include: Ample shoulder room even for big folks like me.The front seat pilot sits in front of the wing, so there’s no wing blocking the view in turns.Turns to the left or right are equally comfortable because you don"t have to look across a seat.The narrower fuselage allows better inflow to the pusher propeller, and much less drag.Since the rear-seat passenger sits on the center of gravity, it makes little difference if you have a passenger or not - the center of gravity changes very little.This is an excellent training aircraft and a great and affordable option for the student and low time pilot to build hours without the high costs of fuel and maintenance.In a training situation, the student’s sight picture doesn’t change when the instructor gets out. Everything looks and feels the same as when the instructor was in the plane with him, except for higher performance. This keeps stress levels down when they are finally flying solo.The folding wing option allows for the owner to easily setup and break-down the aircraft for transport on a trailer saving money on the cost of a hanger.
Specifications for the Hawk Arrow II Empty Weight - 550 lbs - 204 kgGross Weight - 1100 lbsWing Span - 31" 6"" - 9.6 mWing Area - 147 sq. ft - 13.6 sq. mEngine Size - 65 hpRate of Climb - 600-1200 fpm - 3-5.6 m/sCruise Speed - 55-80 mph - 48-70 ktsStall Speed - 35-40 mph - 30-35 ktsVne - 110 mph - 95.58 kts Airframe with curved windshield, sharper slope of nose for improved visibility 3-Position Wing Flaps (not flaperons) Dual 3-Axis Control Full fuselage pilot surround (roll cage) Strengthened tail boom, and streamlined wing struts Heavy duty wings with 3” dia. leading edge and 2” dia. trailing edge Shoulder Harnesses and seat belt Larger vertical stabilizer and rudder Heavy duty wings that are built at the factory. Curved overhead carry through increases head room by 3” All control surfaces are factory built to include flaps, ailerons, rudder, vertical stab,horizontal stab, & elevator. Heavy duty fiberglass landing gear legs with steerable front wheel.
This aircraft comes with an optional folding wing kit for easy trailering. If this is an option you would like please contact me.
I am also willing to deliver this aircraft for fuel costs within ‘reasonable’ distance
Current date: 2020-01-07