1966 Cessna Airframe: 4445TTAFHorton STOL kit with flap sealsVentubes fresh air ventsWheelen tail.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1966
Make: Cessna
Airframe: 4445TTAFHorton STOL kit with flap sealsVentubes fresh air ventsWheelen tail strobe STCuAvionix TailBeacon ADS-B outPaint is very clean 9/10Interior- 6/10
Engine: 1355SMOH, 643STOH on Millennium CylindersBracket air filter STCF&M Spin on oil filterPeterson Autogas STC, Concorde sealed batteryLast compressions all 78/80 cold
Avionics: KA 134 audio panelMX170C Nav/CommKI 202 LocalizerVAL Comm 750KT 76 transponderCHT/EGTPTTAK 450 ELTVertical card compassGen low voltage annunciator
Inspections: Annual Due- 10/2021, X-Ponder 9/2022, NKDH and All logs since new
FAQs: -Yes it is hangered.-Yes all logs are available and I would prefer to not scan six skinny logbooks. Please be specific with your log requests.-Yes I can figure out a way to ferry it to you. No this would not be free but it would be cheaper than a ferry service. You would coordinate and pay the pilot directly.-Yes, all inspections are complete.-Yes, it has a climb prop with the STOL kit and gap seals.-Yes, it looks just as nice in the pictures as in person. -No, I will not fly it to you for its inspection. My time and fuel aren"t free. But you can inspect it here (LKR) once you place a deposit on the aircraft.
This 150 is beautiful inside and out, it won"t last long. Make your offer.
Important Info: As with any airplane, 93G is sold as it with no warranties expressed or implied. Please schedule your inspection but I do expect a deposit be put on before any pre-buy is complete.
I will provide a hanger for only 30 days.
93G is still doing some flying on warm days, times are expected to rise slightly.
Any payment including cashiers check will require cleaning before the aircraft is released. Wire is preferred since it will prevent that wait period. A purchase agreement will be entered into at the time of sale. If you would like to see a copy of it before offering please ask and I can provide it.
If a ferry is needed I can have that arranged. Please ask for that price before purchase since it will vary based on destination.
Current date: 2020-12-21