1971 Cessna Cessna 172L, IFR, ADS B out, full logs, May 2020 Annual Inspection . Aircraft N7020Q.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1971
Make: Cessna
Cessna 172L, IFR, ADS-B out, full logs, May 2020 Annual Inspection .
Aircraft N7020Q NOTES Aircraft SN 17260320 TTAF 6741.4 TACH 1556.6 Hobbs 558.6 New Hobbs at engine OH Tach at OH 1128.9 Engine Lycoming O-320-E2D RAM STC OH Engine SN RL-23977-A SMOH 427.7 TACH New at OH: Mags, Starter, Vacuum Pump, Slick Harness Carburetor OH Propeller McCauley 1C160/DTM7557 SMOH 427.7 Tach Annual Insp May-3-2020 IFR Cert Jun-20 Radio/Nav KX-155 KLN90B KLX 135 A GPS/COM Appareo Stratus ESG Transponder ADS-B Out 4-Place Intercom S.I.R.S. Standby Compass Upgrades Power Flow Tuned Exhaust STC STCs Rosen Visors STC Wing Tip Landing Lights STC Cowl Fasterner STC Air Vent Tube STC
Wt & Bal Empty Wt: 1397.17 lbs Max Land Wt: Normal Cat 2300lbs Utility Cat 2000lbs Usefull Load: 906.58
No Damage History. Some skin damage (repaired-see last 2 photos) from high winds back in the 1980"s.
PLEASE No OFFERS of Services of any kind.
Current date: 2020-07-13