1979 Cessna Featured Refinements: Cessna 172N 1979 Cessna 172N N4952GO 320 2HAD (T Mod)Approx 1000.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1979
Make: Cessna Featured Refinements: Cessna 172N
1979 Cessna 172N N4952G
O-320-2HAD (T-Mod)Approx 1000 SMOH Airmark (1998) IRAN inspection done in 2002 at 200 SMOH (cracked case). TTAF 11500 (IFR Trainer fron 1988-2000)
Interior is a 8.5...no rips or tears...nice carpet....Exterior is a 5...may clean up to a 7-8 with some elbow grease!Glass and interior plastics are all real nice.
Excellent Flying Airplane!
I purchased this plane from the family of a older guy who passed away. It appears he bought it around 2009 from the 145 school...at that point he put a few hundred hours on it since then. He lost his medical in 2013 and continued to exercise the airplane for another 6 years without a medical...his assumption was what was the point of getting a annual if I dont have a medical...wasnt my plane at the time...but I think the last time it was in annual was 2013? but flew occasionally since then.
I had a jug pulled to check for cam corrosion...lets face it, its a 2HAD and wasn"t a regular flyer....internals of the engine are beautiful, with only 1000SMOH and 800 since a G&N inspection due to a cracked case...its a very solid engine.
The prop I think is 1500SMOH? but it is fine shape.
Radios are NARCOS...but...they work....IFR capable but not current!
Damage history....this one was never crashed and has no documented damage history, or anything I could see that would elude to a hard landing or anything like that.
We had all the 100 hour items done...front strut rebuilt, shimmy dampner rebuilt, new tires, brakes, wheel bearings, all filters, everything lubed, it was basically a annual but our guy is a A&P, without IA, so he isn"t able to sign it off for a annual.
My goal was to put a SkyBeacon in it...wait until a IA buddy had time to sign off the annual, and fly it all summer long...but...recent economic events have make the 172 not a priority...so up for sale it goes.
There are no real red flags with this airplane...sure...it was a trainer for some time time....sure it has 11,000 plus hours on it...but it flies as tight as a 2000 hour airframe. Excellent Part 145 School maintenance! And it wasn"t a primary trainer, so it wasn"t banged into the ground 20,000 times, and it shows. Sure it has been sitting...but its a 172...low time motor, perfect cam, excellent compressions (all 75/80 or better)
Spend a grand or less on the annual, (we did everything) and 2 grand on a sky beacon and you are ready to go.
I have ferry pilots that will fly this airplane ANYWHERE in the lower 48 States for almost nothing.
You"ll never find another N Model 172 for this price....plane is for sale on other sites and auction will be ended in the event of a sale outside of .
VREF on this plane is $56,000 wholesale and $70,000 retail.
Priced low for a bad economy EASY sale...I"m not flying it around for a prebuy...not dealing with your finance company....cash or wire transfer only.
Airplane is lien free and I own it....clear aerospace report...will be transferred via regular FAA 8050-2 bill of sale.
Current date: 2020-03-22