1973 Cessna Motivated , MID LIFE ENGINES. This airplane has been hangar kept since ownership. Great.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1973
Make: Cessna
Motivated Seller, MID LIFE ENGINES. This airplane has been hangar kept since ownership. Great Airplane for the asking price. The last annual was performed by a Cessna Certified shop and we spent $30,000 to get this plane to a standard of the professional pilots.
Usually there are no good deals left in life. This is a good deal and it’s only because of this. The owners are split on the direction of our aviation future. This to us is just not a lot of money so we are fire selling it either to split the group so each can move on to the desired plane of choice. This plane is in an LLC, so you can buy the assets of the entire LLC. This means you will not have to pay sales tax. We have a certified mechanic available for any type of questions and we have two professional pilots on staff to also answer any type of questions. Feel free to come check it out. It will be sold and it’s sold as is. It’s a very safe and vary capable airplane. It’s also 46 years old. So don’t expect a brand new airplane. It’s priced right with mid time engines to be a value buy for someone in the Cabin Class Market.
N814SWBased at KTBR in a Hanger Airframe / Total Time is 5844Both engines are 934.69 SOHEngines are the TS10520-NB (the good one)Vortex Generators (wings, and tail), 28 Volt AC Adaptor Receptacle.
3 Blade McCauley Model 3AF32c93-NR
Avionics/RadiosGarmin GNS 430-W, Aspen Avionics EFD 1000, Garmin 696, Garmin GTX-345 Transponder/ADSB IN.OUT
ADSB 2020 Compliant All new insulation installed in January 2019
Current date: 2019-11-02