“QC Challenger II with 503 Rotax at about 500 hours. Always in the hanger and in great condition.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Think of this airplane as a motorcycle with wings. You"re not taking it into Class C airspace. Rather you"re taking off in your back field and cruising around the countryside at a couple of thousand feet. In the summer take the side doors off and go engine the evening air.
The Challenger ultralight is a high wing, tricycle gear kit aircraft with a frame structure built from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy tubing fastened with aircraft grade AN bolts and rivets and covered with standard aircraft fabric. The engine is mounted in pusher configuration and turns the propeller through a reduction drive that uses a cogged tooth rubber belt.
This Challenger II boasts a two seat tandem, 31.5 ft (9.6 m) wingspan which provides more lift and lower stall speed. It has a Rotax 503 engine which will provide plenty of power for two large adults
Few other notes:The wings are not removable in current configurationThere is an FAA N number associated with itAll log books up to data and availableElectric startNo DamageLocation - Middle TennesseeNo trailer
Current date: 2019-07-22