“Low times” Piper Pa24 180 1961 TTA 1518.1 TTE since new 1044.85Last annual 4 19Well here is my.

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Make: Piper Pa24-180 Model Year: 1961
TTA 1518.1 TTE since new 1044.85Last annual 4-19
Well here is my original comanche 180. Unmolested, I bought of a living estate sale about 4-5yrs ago. 91yrs old guy privately owned since 1965-66. I confirmed with a title search. It was gear up in either 65 or 66. At that time they elected to put a new lycoming o-360 instead of an inspection. It had a skip of 2, 2yrs of annual between 2010 and 2016. The later skip is me while I got all ads and such back up to snuff. Other than that it was pretty much always in annual but as the owner got older hours between annuals decrease with his age Long story I have all logs At great expense all ads up to date including 9,000 dollar simatar prop bought new. Tail Adam and bungie"s etc done.
Avionics. Well all old narco stuff. I removed one with entitions of putting the mitchell slide in replacement in mx12 and never did. It"s got a at50 transponder that will also need updates. Figure you need to replace radios all out of date. But other than that panel all works. Well piper autopilot an early one, dont know anything about them.rest of gauges etc good.
Engine yes it"s a o360-a1d it"s old but I took to engine shop to make sure all ads complied and had them pull cylinder and inspect cam. They said no worrys there. Bunch of new fuel,oil lines. Fuel pump new its done right.
Landing gear. Well I told you gear up in the 60"s been flying fine since. I had gear switch gone threw new gear motor buenges etc. The gear is right.Overall a real flash back to 1961 airplane. Very tight flew several trips to Chicagoland this winter. Got a buddy some complex time etc. Always indian based its whole life. Absolutely no corrosion or patched up mechanism a true survivor in original form. I got a ton of money in this plane probly wouldn"t do it again. But know a little avionics and it"s as economical as it comes 9gl @135ish knots.
I have bought a twin aztec and already own a c182. So the comanche needs to go.
In conclusion : ask your wife, banker whoever before you bid. Dont expect a new airplane. Come inspect I"m not hiding anything. No demo flights to build your complex time. No trades I dont need more stuff. If your not coming with cash or certified check within 30 days and flying it of into the sunset dont waist my time. I need my hangar room. Look at picture I made lots. Location at my private strip private hangar near 5k1 south about 5 miles. Serious bidders only this cost me money to put on. Thx.Good luck and bid in good faith. Of my description not a fantasy of 100k airplane for 25k.
Current date: 2019-09-26