Dassault 10 Hour Dry Lease Discounts available for 50 hour blocks and up Dassault Falcon 20 5F BR.

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Condition: Used Make: Dassault
10 Hour Dry Lease
Discounts available for 50 hour blocks and up
Dassault Falcon 20 5F-BR Based West of Chicago at KDPA but can reposition anywhere in the US TFE-731 BR Engine Upgrade (3 Million Dollar Upgrade)Cruises at Mach 87 at 41,000 feet burning 220GPH at $3 a gallon less than $700 per hour in fuel at high speed cruisePaint 2016 Duncan AviationInterior 2014 Duncan Aviation9 Pax ConfigurationGoGo WifiFull Aft LavatoryCoast to Coast NON STOP RANGE!!! 2200 NM Range!Full ADS-B Compliance!Maintained to Part 135 standards!
This is my own personal Jet I use for business and maintain with a open checkbook. Looking to dry lease to cover my MSP yearly minimums!
Happy to dry lease hourly at a higher rate! Or a 100 Hour Block at a lower rate! I"m negotiable!
All flights are operating under CFR Part 91 operations and in full compliance with FAA Circular 91-37B. You lease the airplane, you retain operation control, you decide when to fly, where to fly, you purchase to fuel, and you retain the pilots.
I own the jet outright...give me a call at 312 622-7533 and lets figure out what works for you!
Not a Part 135 Charter Operator, nor do I "hold myself out" to transport passenger or cargo for hire...
This is strictly a lease for 10 flight hours in a very well maintained aircraft...you are leasing the equipment only....you supply and pay for the fuel and crew, you maintain operational control.
A/C is flown regularly...not a hangar queen.
I am a 10 year er with over 1000 perfect transactions...looking for a easy transaction!
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