“20 Dry Lease Hours in our Falcon 50! 3500 NM Range! Full Compliance with AC 9137 B and Truth in.

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Make: Dassault Model Year: 1998
DRY LEASE 20 Hour BlockDassault Falcon 503 Engine Super Mid Size Trans Continental Jet
This auction is for a 20 hour dry lease block of time on our Falcon 50.You have 24 months to use the hours. All 20 hours are prepaid.
You are responsible for fuel, flight crew, etc.
The Falcon 50 does everything better than any Hawker, Citation, Challenger, etc.
480 knot cruise speed3500NM Trans-Continental RangeGogo-4000 WifiFull Aft LavatoryGalleyBar11 Passenger Seating
Totally refurbished including a $250k interior and $150k paint in 2018.
This Aircraft receives "Presidential" open checkbook maintenance, and the engines are enrolled in MSP Gold and are maintained by the factory.
Lets play a scenario here. You live in Nashville, TN...and want to go down to Miami for 3 days to visit family. This is how a typical charter company works. This is a typical trip for a smaller, and slower Hawker 800XP.
$4,200 per hour x 2.5 hours $10,300. (Yes THEY ALL charge for taxiing)$1000 (fuel surcharge)$200 engine start fee
for a total of $11,500...(but of course there is no such thing in the charter world, because that airplane needs to go somewhere else tomorrow.) So, it just cost you $23,000 to GET to Miami....and then another $23,000 to GET YOU home...so...that trip just cost you $46,000....just over $50,000 with excise taxes....
Now, you were in a smaller airplane...with no wifi...
Now...I cannot quote a trip...I am NOT a PART 135 Charter Operation...I sell BLOCK time...not TRIPS...NOT one ways...etc.
Here is hypothetically roughly what that same trip would cost if you dry leased in a 50 hour block!
$2,500 per hour x 2 hours=$5,000(You have operational control...you keep the jet with you...for a reasonable amount of time)
Fuel $1,000 per hour= $2,000
Contract flight crew= $1,800 for the day
$8,800 to get to Miami....$8,800 to get home....$17,600 total....
No excise tax...CAA discounted rated fuel...the option to keep the plane with you (if you aren"t staying for 2 weeks, and/or if the plane isn"t needed)....you have operational control of the flight. You can negotiate crew rates. The industry standard for contract crews is $1,800 a day...plus a per diem, hotels...airline travel if you are sending them home. The beauty is...there are ALOT of Falcon 50 crews in the US...you can and are required to retain/negotiate with them...I just lease you the plane. You only pay for FLIGHT time...not taxi time!
It"s like owning the plane without having to pay for engine programs, maintenance, insurance, hangar costs.
After every trip...the plane needs to be returned to Chicago.
You and your flight crew will be named as additionally insured on my insurance policy.
All flight crews need to be 12 month current with a DA/50 type rating and meet all insurance requirements.
A FAA Dry Lease will be prepared and filed with the FAA in OKC, additionally, before the "first" flight of the lease...you will be required to notify the local flight standards district office of your flight...not all the flights...just the first one...I don"t make the rules. I just abide by them.
This is a excellent program for anyone with the means and wants to fly a average of 2 hours a month over 24 months....you have up to 2 years to use the time.
You need to understand YOU have the responsibility of when to take a flight, when to terminate a flight...and you ALWAYS get...the same plane....
I do not do any Charter Flights... I cannot pay for your fuel, give you a flight crew. I do not hold myself or MY aircraft out to transport persons or cargo for hire. I only LEASE you the airplane...
I"m not the guy to call for a trip you need to take tonight. I"m for the Regular or Semi Regular user.
Rates are $2900 per hour dry for the Falcon 50 ($2500 a hour in a 50 hour prepaid block) the minimum block of time you can buy is 20 hours $58,000
A 50 hour prepaid block is $125,000
Fuel is between $700-$1000 a hour depending on where YOU buy it.
Contract crews TYPICALLY charge AROUND $1,800 a day...this is for a Captain and a First Officer...this is just what prices we typically see...we do not supply the flight crew...but it"s really not difficult at all to find a local crew.
To keep utilization down, and the spirit of not overusing the airplane I only have 100 hours to sell this year. I assume these will be gone in a few days.
You can reach me at (630) 200-3860 for more info...and yes...I do own the planes.
Current date: 2020-07-25