Up for sale is my 2000 Powered Parachute 2 seat Destiny. Beautiful machine, and ready to fly. Both.

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Condition: Used
Up for sale is my 2000 Powered Parachute 2 seat Destiny. Beautiful machine, and ready to fly. Both the airframe and engine are in very good condition with below average time on both.
The wheelbase is 78 inches and length is 128 inches. Chute is an APCO Powerwing MK IV 1000 lb capacity and will require a new annual.Prior to purchase we flew it around the airport. I weigh 290 lbs and the PIC weighed 225. Even with that much weight the aircraft took off with a minimal roll and climbed at a brisk rate. Even with some "strong" winds the ship was very stable in all axis with minimal rocking and a spot on landing.This has never been wrecked and is in very good condition. Power inputs need to be managed as fluctuations result in unwanted pendular action. Easily managed as I quickly learned.
It comes with the optional upgrade Rotax 582 with an electric start, 10 gal tank, oversized radiator and wheels. The larger engine adds between 450 fpm to 700 fpm added climb rate depending on the chute. This is a significant advantage of the stock 503. It has 22 inch tundra tires that have plenty of life but always deflate over time. My mechanic recommended a cleaning of the rims and remount. It also has strobes and a basic EFIS. The pilot has a brake which comes in handy. It has throttle controls in back seat, perfect for a friend who is looking to fly and wants to control.
The Destiny has a combination of chromoly steel and fiberglass rods that give the frame more ability to absorb punishing loads while keeping as much force as possible from the occupants. It was designed with new pilots in mind and attention was paid to a strong undercarriage and prop shroud. Floats were also available for the Destiny as well as a boat on which the aircraft could be used the same as an airboat. I not sure about the availability of these options today.
A few people ask why this is more expensive than some others they have seen. Those less expensive units are likely not N numbered. If it is over 254 lbs, 2 seater, larger than a 5 gal tank, it needs to be N number to legally fly. This craft will require a $5.00 renewal fee for the N number. Something new that I was unaware of and undoubtedly another way to make money off our backs.Please make sure you receive appropriate training before attempting to fly.
I will consider delivering the aircraft for the cost of fuel. Not Alaska or Hawaii thank you.
I have been on for many years and earned my 100% rating. Until this past year fraud, deception and con artists were something I only read about from others. In the past few weeks I have been intentionally lied to, had attempts to access my PayPal account from so called buyers who wanted to do this off site. They have been reported to , PayPal and I will report those that try to pass bad checks to the police.
If YOU are not one of these, you have nothing to worry about and I welcome your participation. If you are one of those I not only know who a few of you are, but I know what and how you go about trying to scam good, honest individuals. You will be denied and all efforts will be made to out you.
This is a re-list and a reduced price due to a non-payer who buyed after the auction was closed.
Please adhere to rules and terms of this auction. The aircraft is listed locally. I reserve the right to pull the listing due to local sale.
Current date: 2020-01-11