Beautiful Eclipse 500 equipped with ADS B in out Includes many options: LX Edition (Upgraded.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Beautiful Eclipse 500 equipped with ADS-B "in/out"
Includes many options: LX Edition
(Upgraded passenger cabin appointments including all leather passenger seats with forward leather storage pouch & aluminum seat belt buckles, down wash lighting beneath cabin side bolsters, gross point-covered lower sidewalls, wood laminate accent trim, and built-in coat hooks. Additional cockpit appointments include all leather pilot & copilot seats with adjustable lumbar support, padded knee supports, metal thrust lever knobs, and foot well lights.) Copilot keyboard Upgraded combustion liners installed (Certified for flight to 41,000’) Upgraded “dash 5” aft power distribution center (APDC) Upgraded PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher Canisters (FEC) 6th passenger seat Equipped with Extended range Tip Tanks (ETT) ADS-B in/out with Garmin 625 touch screen GPS Mid Continent MD222-406 Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) Garmin Flight Stream 510 Garmin GTX 345r Remote Transponder Garmin GTX 335r Remote Transponder Garmin 796 GPS Mount for additional iPad with ForeFlight USB power outlet for panel mounted iPad
Manufactured: 2007
Serial Number: 000090
Total Time: 1,495 SNEW (3/31/19)
Total Cycles: 1,408 SNEW (3/31/19)
Weight & Balance: Actual BEW = 3,690 lbs
Make/Model: Eclipse EA-500
Registration: N2486B
Location: Salt Lake City, UT Engines
Model: (2) Pratt & Whitney PW610F-A (900 lbs thrust each)
TBO: 3,500 hours
Serial Numbers:
Left = PCE-LA0193
Right = PCE-LA0192
Total Time: 1,495 SNEW (L/R)
Total Cycles: 1,408 SNEW (L/R)
This incredible aircraft offers cruise speeds up to 370 knots on less than 60 gallons per hour. Approved for single pilot operations.
Type rating training can be included in the sale
Aircraft delivery is available
Aircraft is listed in other locations and subject to removal from the market at any time
Current date: 2019-11-16