STITS PLAYBOY PROJECT OR PARTS Previously licensed Stits Playboy experimental flown for many years.

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STITS PLAYBOY PROJECT OR PARTS Previously licensed Stits Playboy experimental flown for many years with a Continental 85 hp engine. For sale now as a project or parts. Single seat tube and fabric, tail wheel, low wing, with top metal struts (looks like a miniature Ag plane). Wings and tail recovered, temper foam seat, new Matco tail wheel, McCauley disc brakes. (Previously listed with a Subaru twin carb 80 hp engine with cog belt redrive but this has sold separately). Tubing previously drilled and linseed oiled, some surface rust now. Spring steel gear. Needs fabric on body and flight instruments. Wings changed from rounded to angled tips to reduce drag. Sold as unfinished project or parts as tail number transfered to a gyrocopter. Call for Photos/info. Need to lose hanger. • located Athens, Ohio. contact Jeff at: 740-541-0814 This project for sale locally also. Wing carriers included. Cracks in tires and a small hole in the wing. Might be interested in trading the airframe and two corvair engine offerings and a ground power air cooled 4 cylinder engine for/towards a low mileage 4x4 ATV, 400 engine or bigger with electric start and reverse. Stits Playboy (From Wikipedia) Known for his “world’s smallest aircraft” record holders, Ray Stits was asked by several people to design an airplane that an amateur builder could produce at home. In 120 days he was able to design, construct, and fly the prototype SA-3A Playboy (the SA-1 and SA-2 series airplanes were his aforementioned record setting aircraft). The prototype (powered by an 80 horsepower Continental) was flown for the first time in 1953. Construction was a wooden wing and welded steel-tube-type fuselage, all covered in fabric. The single-place aerobatic SA-3A was to be powered by a 65 to 90 horsepower Continental engine, and was a sprightly performer with an empty weight of only about 600 pounds. Mr. Stits sold both plans and kits for the design, and was soon to introduce a two-place side-by-side version called the SA-3B Playboy. He was later to continue his fame in the light plane field as the developer of the Stits line of flame-resistant aircraft covering materials. The first in the series of Van"s Aircraft designed by Richard VanGrunsven, the Van"s Aircraft RV-1, was a modified Playboy and directly lead to the Van"s Aircraft RV-3 and the highly successful RV line of aircraft. Specifications Stits Playboy (SA-3A) General characteristics •: Crew one •: Length 17 ft 4 in •: Wingspan 22 ft 2 in •: Height 6 ft 4 in • : Wing area 96 sq ft • : Empty weight 600 lb • : Gross weight 902 lb • : Fuel capacity 14 USgallons •: Powerplant 1 × -85Continental C -85 four cylinder four stroke piston engine hp 85 Performance • : Maximum speed 145 (126 ) mphkn • : Cruisespeed 130 (110 ) mphkn •: Range 400 (348 ) minmi • : Serviceceiling 12,000 ft • : Rateofclimb 1,050 / ftmin
Current date: 2016-08-17