Homebuilt Piper PA 12 lookalike Firewall back complete fuselage and airframe assembly. Piper PA 12.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Homebuilt Piper PA-12 lookalike
Firewall back complete fuselage and airframe assembly. Piper PA-12 style side by side seating, ready to be assembled into your own homebuilt/experimental aircraft! Complete welded aircraft quality primed/zinc-chromated fuselage with installed windshield and firewall. Piper stick, aileron and trimming tail cables, and all pulleys and rigging installed and included. Includes mounted fuselage header and fuel tank, fuselage can be covered in fabric or metal (metal skin pieces included). Cessna spring steel landing gear legs. Includes two sliding seats on seat rails. Full tail assembly, includes fabric covered horizontal stabs, elevators, rudder, vertical stab, flying wires. Includes two metalized wings w/ fuel tanks, full length Avid style flaperons, and all struts, braces and jury struts. Rudder and wings have running lights installed. No wheels (mains or tail wheel). No engine, prop or cowl. Wing stands not included. Buyer pick-up only, no shipping. Price is firm. Aircraft was previously flying. After owner/builder died, aircraft disassembled and stored. No damage history, either flying or in storage. Easy to remake and customize this into your own Fast Build Experimental/Homebuilt!
Current date: 2020-08-11