“This auction is for a 25 hour block of time on my Falcon 100 Jet” 1986 Dassault Private Jet Dry.

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Model Year: 1986 Make: Dassault
Private Jet Dry LeasePrivate jet travel, for the creative and cost saving individual or business.It"s your jet...you decide!Gain non exclusive operational control of one of my Falcon 100 8 passenger jet!
1800nm range...reach practically anywhere in the US from IL nonstop...at Mach .87....one of the fastest business jets ever built!
Aircraft is up to date on all inspections and is a regular flyer!
Dassault Falcon 100 Based in Chicago/Los Angeles$1200 per hour25 hour block of flight time$25,000 damage deposit held during lease period. (Zero Exceptions)You buy the fuel (around $3 a gallon at the "right" airports.)
You provide a properly rated and current PIC with a DA/10 PIC rating and a appropriately rated SIC. You choose when you go, don"t go...weather situations, buying fuel and finding a crew is your responsibility, although there are many FB pilot groups, easy!
All leasing is done in compliance with FAA AC-91-37B
You will have to sign a lease agreement that is sent to the FAA...not my choice...its just the rules!
Give me a call to discuss....and lets get you flying! 312 809 2494!
Current date: 2019-08-24