New 1997 Flying K Enterprise Sky Raider 1 Material: Aluminum Brand New Flying K Enterprises INC Sky.

Item specifics
Condition: New Model Year: 1997
Make: Flying K Enterprise Sky Raider 1 Material: Aluminum
Brand New Flying K Enterprises INC Sky Raider I

Condition : Never been flown. Not registered
Year: 1997
Color : Baby Blue Aluminum Body
Model: Sky Raider One
Original single seat high wing US FAR Part 103 ultralight powered by a homebuilt 40 hp (30 kW) Rotax 447 engine.
The original Sky Raider is a single seater designed as an FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles compliant aircraft with an empty weight within that category"s 254 lb (115 kg) empty weight limit, when equipped with a light enough engine. The motor is when it was first purchased in 2002.
The aircraft has a 4130 steel tube frame fuselage and a wing constructed from aluminum tubing, all covered in doped fabric. The wings are equipped with slotted-style flaps and fold for transport
Light Sport and Ultralight Flying
General characteristics Crew: One Length: 17 ft 0 in (5.18 m) Wingspan: 26 ft 3 in (8.00 m) Wing area: 110 sq ft (10 m2) Empty weight: 240 lb (109 kg) Gross weight: 500 lb (227 kg) Fuel capacity: 5 US gallons (19 litres) Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 277 , 28 hp (21 kW) Propellers: 2-bladed wooden Takeoff distance at gross 200 feet 3 Landing distance at gross 50 feet 3 Performance Maximum speed: 63 mph (101 km/h, 55 kn) Cruise speed: 60 mph (97 km/h, 52 kn) Stall speed: 23 mph (37 km/h, 20 kn) Range: 120 mi (190 km, 100 nmi) Service ceiling: 11,000 ft (3,400 m) Rate of climb: 450 ft/min (2.3 m/s)
Length 17.0 feet Width 8.2 feet Height 5.2 feet
2Performance without floats; not accurately measured with floats.3Estimated performance on water (no measurements taken); factory states land performance is 75 feet, takeoff or landing.Standard Features Fully enclosed cockpit, folding wing setup, slotted flaps and ailerons, brakes, steerable tailwheel, fiberglass cowling, engine mount hardware, choice of tail shapes, all fabric and adhesives.Options Rotax 503 engines, electric trim, prop, bungle cord suspension, floats, skis, ballistic parachute, tundra tires, baggage holder, quick-build kit, and many more items.Construction Welded steel fuselage, wood and aluminum wings, fiberglass cowling, dope-and-fabric wing coverings. U.S.-owned company.
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