Hy Tec Hurricane Challenger at Camarillo Airpark, VVUAS, Hangers availableRebuilt Engine w 50 hours.

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Condition: Used
Hy-Tec Hurricane Challenger at Camarillo Airpark, VVUAS, Hangers availableRebuilt Engine w/50 hours Brand new custom windshieldGreat Flying Shape, has chute system but would need recertifacationComes with a few extra parts tools and new Rear sails solid blackSails are in good flying shape past punch test not very attractive but safe to flyWith new set of sails which are available the plane would be super, cabin nicely repaintedPull start, starts easilyHealth forces sale Hangers available, great group of guys and gals at Flying club at airpark, Instruction AvailableGreat package I am offering, fantastic location to fly near ocean airpark is surrounded by fields Fly to Ocean or?The Challenger II is the only aerobatic rated ultralite airplane made, very strong tubing safe and dependableIf you have ever wanted to fly this is for you.I have made a mistake with my ad: Here is a good question/comment from fellow ebayer:The Hurricane is not a Challenger aircraft. While the Hurricane is aerobatic, the Challenger 2 is not. You need to make the necessary changes for safety reasons. and for clarification:It does appear to be the Hy Tech Hurricane, which can be aerobatic. The Challenger 2 however is a completely different design, not aerobatic at all. Your thinking is right, meaning the ad could mislead someone. I’d just remove the words Challenger 2 and the rest would be accurate. You’re in the right category for selling it.
Thank you to coupeman, you rock.
Current date: 2020-06-16