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Make: Infinity Model Year: 2005

Official Off-Road

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I purchased this at an auction 5 years ago. I have not tried to fly it. It has sat in my collection and its time to sell it to someone that is going to fly it. I drained the fuels and started it up last week. I drove it around my property but did not take out the cute. It had a small fuel leak in one of the fuel lines. I believe that it needs to go to a ultra light mechanic for a complete once over before you fly it.
The Air Frame - Engineered and constructed by Infinity Power Parachutes LLC
Rotax 582 Engine - Manufactured by Bombardiar
Ram-Air Type Parachute - Manufactured by APCO
Composite 3-bladed Propeller - Manufactured by Ivoprop
Engine Information System (EIS) - Manufactured by Grand Rapids Technologies
This is a two seater instructor style unit as the rear seat also has steering control. I do not know anything else about this unit. Current date: 2020-08-30