This jet was last flown in the summer of 2015. Upon return to Flagstaff, Arizona from a trip to.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
This jet was last flown in the summer of 2015. Upon return to Flagstaff, Arizona from a trip to South America, it was administratively seized by ICE and flown to Chandler, Arizona for storage. Before it could be sold at auction, a micro-burst hit the Chandler area, which pushed another airplane (a Baron) into the nose of this Jet Commander. The radome and nose gear door were damaged.
I purchased the jet in early 2016 from an ICE auction, mostly because of the very low time CJ610-5 engines and the flight system integrated WAAS Garmin GPS-500 (and the 7000 pounds of fuel onboard). Because it had been administratively seized, there was not a signed judge"s order and I spent nearly two years back-and-forth with the FAA to get it registered in my name as they demanded I prove the ICE agent had authority to sign the FAA bill of sale. There"s no fun in being between two branches of the federal government but I eventually got it done.
In the meanwhile, I replaced the radome and nose gear door. I also ran up the engines and ground checked the avionics. Since then, I"ve periodically filled the tires with nitrogen as the airplane has sat on the ramp at KCHD. I also masked off the windows with aluminum foil and tape, as well as dressed the anti-icing boots.
The engines have less than 250 hours of operation since being pulled and overhauled for FOD damage. At that time, the compressor stage was rebladed, as needed. I had thought of using those engines in a Fouga or Super Pinto, since they"re the civilian equivalent of the military J85 (same engine, less afterburner for the civilian application).
A Garmin GPS-500 WAAS unit has been incorporated into the flight system, along with a GA-35 GPS antenna, a GDL-96A XM Radio, GA-55 XM Antenna, Ameri-King 950-IR8-28 OBS Relay, two NAT AA83-100 intercomms, a Pioneer DEH-P950IB AM/FM Radio with CD Player, a KGS RG40 DEC converter, Rockford-Fosgate P300-1 amplifier, and Kenwood KFS-XW120F speakers.
This aircraft is currently located at KCHD (Chandler, Arizona). To fly it out will require a waiver for Stage III noise compliance. Such waivers are available for issue to move the aircraft for repair (such as hush kit installation) or to leave the country. KCHD is a towered airport, until 1500 local time. After that time, just be sure to stay below Class B and squawk VFR.
If you"re interested in keeping N55HL within the continental USA, that will not be possible under the current noise ban... unless you get if foreign registered. I"m expecting this aircraft to head to Mexico or further south (it had been owned in Bolivia at one point before returning to the USA).
All logbooks, maintenance records, and other paperwork were also surrendered as part of the ICE seizure. The paperwork fills two large boxes (two large laundry basket sized boxes).
I have recently transferred from Tucson, Arizona to Southern California. I will have limited opportunity to show the aircraft but can answer questions from the logbooks I have with me and can meet serious buyers with advanced notice. Based on a broker"s price estimate, I"ve set a lowball price to encourage purchase with the challenging logistics of me being an out of state owner. Please don"t take the low price to indicate the aircraft is in poor condition. I just need to get it moved on.
Parking is $138 a month at KCHD. I will cover that cost for two weeks after purchase or until the 1st of the following month, whichever is longest.
Details on Aircraft
S/N of aircraft is 95Registration number is - N55HLTotal time on this airframe is approximately 7400 hoursLast 600 hour "C" check at 7338 hours on 03/30/07Last altimeter and static system tests 5/1/2013Both engines removed for compressor section (FOD) repair at 7181 hours in 2002 Comes with AirworthinessBill of Sale All Logbooks to Current, with yellow tags and work ordersAll maintenance and parts manuals includedPilot training materials (POH, emergency procedures, and type certificate training) includedAircraft has Data TagsFor those curious about why the Jet was seized by ICE, I"m not sure of the answer. The only paperwork I could find indicated it was seized under a rule about having a false registration. Immediately prior to its flight to Guatamala in 2015, an extra $60 fee was paid because the registration was lapsed and the owner wanted to expedite re-registration to make the flight. I can"t find anything amiss in my perusal of FAA records (obtained by ordering the CD from the FAA website). So, beats me why it happened.
No, I am not interested in donating the aircraft to your "charity". Please take your scams elsewhere.
Current date: 2019-11-08