New KR 2 Airplane Landing Gear w Wheels, Tires, Brakes. Condition is New. This comes from a KR 2.

Item specifics
Condition: New
KR-2 Airplane Landing Gear w/Wheels, Tires, Brakes. Condition is New.
This comes from a KR-2 project never completed.
11-4.00-5 Lamb tires on wheels with brakes.
Comes with wing spar mounts.
The Gear is 3/4" thick and seems to match the dimensions of the KR-2 gear listed on the Grove website.
I understand this assembly to be made by Grove, but notice that the brakes are made by Matco. So not sure who made the gear and wheels. Tires are Lamb, made by Cheng Shin.
I am not set up for packaging this, so please plan on picking it up yourself, or sending someone to pick it up for packing and shipping. I do not know if UPS can ship this item, but one of the local UPS Stores does packing and shipping. I would gladly take this to the nearest UPS Store, Mill Creek WA, for you if you make all the arrangements in advance.
66"X29"X11", 60 pounds est. It might only require cushion wrap and cardboard wrap to ship
Current date: 2020-04-09