New CAD+ltechnik Jung 2019 Koax X 250 V2, industrial drone, production license for helicopter drone.

Item specifics
Condition: New Make: CAD+Modelltechnik Jung
Model Year: 2019

Koax X-250 V2, industrial drone, production license for helicopter drone mechanics
You are bidding on a manufacturing license for the industrial drone Koax X-250 V2
Technical specifications:
• Coaxial rotor system with 2 x 3 rotor blades, in opposite directions
• Rotor diameter 2.5 m
• Drive by turbine Jakadofsky PRO-X, 11 kW
• Transmission: 3-stage reduction gear, of which second and third stages run in an oil bath
• Flight time: depending on the fuel volume, consumption approx. 12 Ltr./h
• Control: 4x servos for the two swashplates, 1x servo for yaw control
• MTOW: 75 kg
• Max. Speed: approx. 100 km / h
Scope of the manufacturing license are the following data on CD:
• BOM and supplier list
• Drawings: 89 drawings of the individual parts, 45 exploded drawings for installation
• Step files: 86 pieces of items, step file of the whole assembly
• Not included are 3D data of the fuselage cell (can be purchased separately)
Change requests in the construction are possible by means of hourly billing. Additional data on request.
The photos show examples of the finished drone and mounted drone mechanics. The retail price of a finished drone is approximately $ 100,000 to $ 140,000. An unlimited number of drones can be built. The production license offered here therefore has a value of many tens of thousands of Dollars. Shipping of the data by download link.
Payment only by Paypal or bank transfer possible (customer accepts the fees)
Current date: 2019-10-27