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Condition: Used Make: Lazair

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This is a TWO PLACE LAZAIR Ultralight with an Electric start KFM 25 HP Engine with Reduction Drive and New Ultra-Prop This is an extremely rare find because it is a two place Lazair with one engine centered mounted so all engine attachments stay mounted on the fuselage when removing the wings. The engine was run last on Monday October 24, 2015. This Lazair ultralight was recovered and painted last month with Poly-Fiber fabric (formerly called Stits). It is better than original because the ribs have cap strips top and bottom so the fabric can’t separate from the ribs in flight and the fabric is rated at 30 years. Also, the other pilots can see you much better than before with the clear covering. The wings come off easily with just a few bolts making it ready to transport; or, this plane is set up so you can fold the wings if you prefer to leave them attached for travel. This is probably the only folding wing Lazair in exixtence. The levers in the picture with the black knobs are for the HAND brakes which work separately for turning for taxi. These are easier to use than toe brakes. The Lazair is one of the safest ultralight aircraft ever built. It will not spin, and the stall is a gentle mush. It does not fall off on one wing because of the washout in the wings, and the tips stall last. If you want a stable flyer, this is for you. It has full three axis control. The control stick controls the ailerons and elevators, and separate rudder pedals control the rudders. The rudders and elevators are combined (ruddervators) in the turned down tail which makes the Lazair very controllable in slow flight and taxi because the air blast of the engines is directed into them. There is also less drag than a T tail. Take off roll is about 50 to 100 feet. Climb rate is about 500 feet per minute with a 200 pound person. Max payload is 400 pounds. Cruise speed is about 45 mph and stall about 24 mph. It holds five gallons of fuel and has a range of about 100 miles on a tank. This Lazair is equipped with a CHT gauge. All the following items are NEW on this Lazair: Propeller Fuel tank and fuel lines Electric fuel pump 2 Each Seat covers Battery All wiring Covering Windshield It is now disassembled and ready to be transported. It is located in Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Call David at 336 725-2041 any day or evening. NOTE: If you have a Lazair for sale (in any condition) please call me for offer and pick up.
Current date: 2015-11-16