“Needs repairs as a result of gear up landing.” Lancair 360 Airplane Gear Up Project. First two.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Lancair 360 Airplane Gear Up Project. First two images are from prior to the gear up incident and show what a beautiful plane this was. Recently had a gear up landing with the gear partially out. Belly is not scratched as a result however it did break the left gear leg (temporary welded for transport). This part is available from Lancair for about $1500.00 or can be repaired by replacing the down tube. This airplane has the larger Outback style main gear. This was a more robust and larger main gear that Lancair came out with that makes the plane more suitable for less favorable runways. It also offers better braking. Will need an engine inspection, propellor, left gear leg, minor body work to cowl, spinner, wing tip, flaps, and Grove brake calipers. There is very light damage to the lower cowl, very minor damage to right wing tip and inboard trailing edge of flaps. The belly was not damaged because the airplane was sliding on the brake calipers with the gear partially out. The crank has not been dialed. Included with the sale is a new set of gear doors from Lancair.
This is a complete and well equipped airplane with a valid airworthiness certificate. A very easy rebuild project with a potential to make this an $80,000+ airplane. Anyone handy with minor fiberglass repair could get this plane going for about $10,000. A great IFR machine capable of 200+ kts. Very easy to transport on a car carrier or flatbed trailer. GNS 650 WAAS touch screen GPS nav/com.MX-20 moving mapDual Grand Rapids Sport EFISSL30 Nav/ComGMA340 Audio PanelTruTrac autopilotDual rudder pedals and brakesAdvanced Flight Systems AOA indicatorBackup Altimeter, Airspeed, and Turn Coordinator.B & C backup alternatorDual P-Mag IgnitionOregon Aero Leather SeatsDual Infinity Stick Grips with Flaps, Trim, PTT, and Autopilot disconnect.Fully automatic pump to header or manually select fuel tank option.Complete and thorough logbooks with receipts for last 10 years.About 550 hrs total time on airframe and 500 on engine.Engine is a Superior XP360 180hp Propeller is Hartzell2020 ADSB compliant.
Current date: 2019-08-10