“This auction meets all of policies on travel, as this auction is for a lease of time on the.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Make: Hawker Model Year: 1993
Dry Lease!(10 flight hours)
(Not For Sale)
Hawker 800 SP
Low Time 6000hrs AirframePresidential Maintenance by West Star2020 G Check (West Star)2020 Paint (West Star)2018 Interior (Bentley Motor Cars and West Star)MSP GOLD Engines and APU, HAPP Avionics Program
Excellent 2400nm range....Los Angeles to New York nonstopGarmin GTX-3000 ADS-B IN-OutFull Lav, Microwave, Coffee MakerRosen View Airshow, Monitors Avance L3 Wifi
This looks and performs like a 2020 Hawker...its like brand new.
This is how this works....you pay me (The Owner) for flight hours on the jet. Thats where my involvement ends. You buy your own fuel....$800ish per hour. You retain the flight crew. It"s a Hawker, there are more qualified pilots out there to fly this than any other jet ever made, its a staple in the aviation community. You maintain operational control. I cover the maintenance, insurance, storage, etc.
If you are going on a trip, leave the jet with you...thats the difference between dry leasing and a charter...which this is NOT. A charter company is going to charge you to drop you off, return back to base, then pick you up. If you going for a reasonable amount of time and no-one else needs the plane, hang on to it on your trip.
I CANNOT quote you a trip. I cannot provide you a crew, fuel...etc. The FAA does not allow that. I can give you a rough idea of costs....but this is like renting a million dollar car...you decide where to go.
I sell blocks of hours....prices are less expensive the more hours you buy, but start at $2000 per flight hour...this means from when the wheels leave the earth, to when they return to earth.
You can reach me on my cell at 630-200-3860
I cannot quote you a trip...I can sell you a block of hours that you have 2 years to use...you decide where and when to go.
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