Lycoming Lycoming O 320 B1A removed from a PA 23 160. This engine has 637 SMOH by Corona Engines..

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: lycoming
Lycoming O-320-B1A removed from a PA-23-160. This engine has 637 SMOH by Corona Engines. Logbooks included. Never had a prop strike or sudden stoppage. Great running engine with tons of life left. Sale includes engine, and all accessories (Mags, starter, alternator, carb, vacuum pump, and exhaust). Hartzell HC-82VL-2C Prop in great condition, will be due AD 97-18-02, but in great shape, includes spinner and hardware. Message me with any questions. I can help find a shipping company if needed. Engine will be securely packed on a pallet. Engine located in Chino, CA.
Current date: 2020-10-19