“Only 3.3 hours on the motor unit. This was just to break in the in the motor.” Miniplane Miniplane.

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“Only 3.3 hours on the motor/unit. This was just to break in the in the motor.”


Miniplane frameMiniplane weight shift harnessHE120 Motor with 3.3 hours on it (break in hours)Add on safety hoop included (never installed)A Miniplane typically comes with a 80 cc motor. The paramotor has a larger motor, 120cc, making a great hybrid for more power. The weight shift harness on the Miniplane has received great reviews - do a search on the web and you will find a lot of information on this parameter.Weighs about 55 lbs without fuel Willing to ship. I will collect $200 at the time of sale, and reimburse any cost under that. If it exceeds $200, I will take care of the difference. If you purchase and will need it shipped, please wait for me to send you and invoice before paying.

Local pickup free.

I purchased this from Paradrenaline Paramotors. It was a trade in from another customer of theirs. Reason for selling..After I got it, I found that I cannot start it because of a shoulder injury (to start you have to reach over your head an pull, I just do not have the strength to do it). I am a small person and over 50... I definitely would need an electric start type paramotor.

Current date: 2014-09-21