“2018 Paint and Interior, it's basically flawless.” Mitsubishi 1970 4944.8 TTSN (Times changing as I.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Make: Mitsubishi Model Year: 1970

4944.8 TTSN (Times changing as I fly it regularly)
Left Engine:
1045.2 since hot section (due at 1800 hours) It had new stators and wheels at the last hot so next hot will be inexpensive.
4890.8 since overhaul (recommended but not required at 5,400)
Right Engine:
795.7 Time since hot section
2980 Time since overhaul
Left Prop: 338.7 Time since overhaul
Right Prop: 322.3 Time since overhaul
Fresh 1,2,3 (100,200,600 hour inspections) 5/2020.
Panel: Avidyne 550/540 (AHR and Synthetic Vision) and Garmin 345 transponder with blue tooth to your ipad, Bendix M4-C autopilot which was totally overhauled by the previous owner and works perfectly, PS Engineering Audio Panel, XM Weather, ART-2000 weather radar,
Late 2018 Paint and Interior, presents as new
Glass and Boots are excellent
Comes with 2 mid-time spare -1 motors with fairly recent hot sections. Spec sheet attached on the spare engines.
These are robust, incredibly reliable and affordable airplanes that will haul 1200lbs of stuff with full fuel 1250nm at 260kts. They are wonderful grass field and short field airplanes. Insurance is about $5500 for full coverage. The next inspection will be inexpensive and is just an annual/100 hour.
The Price is $320,000 including the airplane and the 2 spare TPE331-1 mid-time motors.The Price is $275,000 without the spare motors
Current date: 2020-12-09