“ For Static Display” BELL 1965 Delivery is included in the buy it now or offer price.The only.

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Make: BELL Model Year: 1965
Delivery is included in the buy it now or offer price.
The only reason I am even considering selling this because I sustained a leg injury. And it is to hard for me to get in and out of this helicopter. Much less trying to get on and off the top of it. But yes This is the real deal folks. She would have made me a beautiful static display as what I had intended her for.
S/N 65-09708 This ship is 1 of 3 of the original UH1s to fly with NASA KSC. Was Crashed one time and rebuilt & 1 for sure maybe 2 tours in Vietnam. There were a bunch of mods done to the airframe during its time with NASA to. I have the logbooks with this ship. I can prolly get a data plate for it but not the original.
I pretty much have everything to put her back together except MR Blades TR drive shafts TR driveshaft cover. As for interior I have complete with all seats including crew seats and poles. All insterments are there. I have engine and engine mounts a good transmission that is prolly serviceable core to rebuild. TR gearbox with TR blades and hub assy 42 degree box. NOS Mast pole swashplate scissors & sleeve that i know has a few hundred hours remaining. Set of beautiful Huey II skid tubes almost new. Another set of cross tubes. Pilot side door 4 other creaw doors NOS engine cowlings. And the list goes on. I will be back with more details. There is just so much to list i just Don t think I can get it all in. I have a 10x30 storage full of parts included. Delivery is included in this auction.
Current date: 2021-04-14