“Good condition” Northwing 2000 scott.jackson1 aviation&atv parts scott.jackson1 (1287 ) 97.6%.

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Make: Northwing Model Year: 2000

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scott.jackson1 (1287 ) 97.6% : scott.jackson1-aviation&atv parts
Categories Motors Sporting Goods This is a Northwing Maverick with a Rotax 447 single ignition (Ducati) single Bing 54 carb and B drive in very good running condition. I recently installed new piston rings and associated gaskets. Both cylinders are still on the original bore. Compression is at 115 PSI on both cylinders. Engine is still in break in. Trike comes with 2 wings. The original maverick wing is in good condition (no patches). The leading edge has hangar rash and is faded as seen in the pics. the dacron on this wing is still serviceable. The wing that is on the trike in the pics is a northwing Pacer 13 double surface higher performance wing. This wing does have some patches, one patch in particular should be sewn (the patches are adhesive). previous owner was flying like this...to each there own. Trike frame is in very solid condition. The fabric around the seat is faded but still functional. This trike has front wheel break system (drum). I bought this at an estate sale, i have been slowly working on it between jobs in my hangar. This is an almost ready to fly project. it still needs an EGT, CHT, and tach. i was told this has around 120TT on it after looking inside the engine i have little reason to question that. I am not a trike pilot, i just like restoring aircraft. I highly recommend coming to look at this aircraft before buying, As an A&P i know fully how mechanics can disagree on machines. This one in my opinion is a great place for someone wanting to get into trikes to start. Its a great deal. This is a true part 103 ultralight and know license is needed to fly...BUT instruction is highly recommended!!! it can be viewed at KCDH Camden Ar municipal airport at the FBO. Please feel free to ask questions. Current date: 2020-09-10