New unfinished Pietenpol Air Camper Project Pietenpol Aircamper Project. Open cockpit, 2 place.

Item specifics
Condition: New Model Year: unfinished
Make: Pietenpol Air Camper Project
Pietenpol Aircamper Project. Open cockpit, 2 place, single parasol full length wing, or add on secondary wings to make it a biplane. GN-1 version, original issue signed John Grega plans, Grega updated and strengthened original 1933 plans in 1993. Rare Aerial Biplane version (and signed plans), Chad Willie conversion. Fuselage, wings (single and bi-plane), aircraft completed, aircraft made initial taxi tests (as bi-plane), then owner/builder died, airplane sat, then disassembled and relocated. Aircraft was never inspected or registered with FAA. Initial hours not flown off. Partially reassembled. Fuselage recovered with poly-fiber. Have original paperwork and signed plans issued to builder. 4 fabric covered wings (2 for the single parasol wing, 2 for add on bi-plane). Some minor parts of airplane may be missing. Subaru EA-81 engine. Engine complete rebuild (after aircraft relocated), zero time, by Colorado Component Rebuilders. Amax 1.89:1 redrive. 3 blade composite ground adjustable prop. VW Rabbit radiator. Ellison EFS-2 throttle body/injector. Purchase also includes original William Wynne signed and numbered Corvair conversion Manual, in case you prefer that engine option. Current owner is not the builder, has not worked on this airplane. Some reconstruction work done since disassembly by neighbor who since moved away. Seller cannot warranty work or condition. A steal for someone who wants a basically completed Pietenpol GN-1 Aircamper at bargain prices, especially for a rare Aerial bi-plane version, far below parts value alone. Engine, redrive and prop worth substantially more than price. This airplane wants to have a happy home, feel the wind beneath its wings!Price is firm. Located San Angelo Texas.
Current date: 2020-06-29