For sale: Piper Cherokee Six PA32 260I purchased this plane with the intent of fixing it up and.

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Condition: Used
For sale: Piper Cherokee Six PA32/260I purchased this plane with the intent of fixing it up and making it a beautiful aircraft. Unfortunately time, and other personal issues in life, have prevented me from be able to continue working on this. My loss is your gain!I started working on it, systematically going through it and fixing every little thing. What needed an A&P, was done by an A&P. Brake lines, oil lines, any ADs that might need to be addressed. Even though the plane passed its annual in November of 2018, it still needs work.Currently, the interior is completely out of the plane. This includes the side panels, headliner, seats and carpets. I was in the process of preparing the interior to be completely redone. I wanted to get in a plane that felt and smelled new. I still have all the old material and you may put it back in if you like but I would opt for a nice, new interior. I have included pictures of the interior prior to my renovation.The thing that is going to need the most attention is it is going to need work scrubbing and removing all corrosion and then interior work.I am asking $40,000 less than what the plane is worth because I need to sell soon. I would encourage anyone who wants to look at this to come and check out the plane. We can start it, and you may look at it closely.Engine compression came in solid 70s for all cylinders.I did have an A & P examine it for airworthiness in January, and he reported to us that he felt the plane was safe for flight.With that said, the plane is sold AS IS. It has great potential! Feel free to contact me and come see the plane. You will definitely see it is worth the $35,000.00 I am asking. For an A&P who loves to work on planes, this would make a significant profit when done.Please ask all questions BEFORE the auction ends. Once the auctions ends and you are the winner, you will be expected to follow the rules of this auction. A $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due at the end of the auction with a cashier’s check for the remaining balance due in 7 days. I will give you up to 60 days to move the plane, or take over hangar costs (contingent on approval by the hangar owner).TT: 5501SMOH: 870SPOH:7
Current date: 2019-05-05