1975 Piper For Sale – Piper Seneca 2 (modern panel, recent interior) with Part 135 on demand Air.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1975
Make: Piper
For Sale – Piper Seneca 2 (modern panel, recent interior) with Part 135 on-demand Air Charter / Air Taxi operation approved for Passenger and Freight, Day/Night IFR/VFR in the 48 plus Alaska and Canada – Purchase of airplane will include the S-Corp that holds 135 Certificate, op-specs for 48 US + Alaska + Canada, drug test program, web marketing sites, air charter broker accounts, and on-hand parts/cores/spares for the PA-34. Upon completion of closing paperwork and notifications to FAA you/your pilot will take a 135 checkride with Denver FSDO and you’re ready for revenue operations. Currently this charter operation is located at KEGE (Eagle County Regional Airport) in Denver FSDO District, this 135 operation can be relocated to your FSDO for wherever you want to run your business. Initially (until FSDO is able to move you you will need to continue to take recurrent 6mo/12mo check flights with Denver FSDO). Current owner is CFII/MEI and will aid in aircraft training and successful transition to new owner. Current owner also has flight school operation at KEGE for sale under separate agreement if the new buyer is interested in keeping the business at KEGE.
Aircraft Specs: • 1975 Piper Seneca 2 – PA-34-200T
• Airframe Time: 5830.00
• Annual & 100 Hour Inspection: 9/25/18 • Magneto Since Overhaul R & L: 87
• ELT Inspection: 9/25/18
• ELT Battery Due: Dec 2019
• Left Engine: SMOH: 526.5 3/14/16
• Right Engine: SMOH: 1350.7 8/3/07
• Prop: L&R SMOH: 47.00 6/1/12
• Transponder/Pitot Static: 8/29/17
• Part 135 Compliant with All SB’s
• No Deferred Maintenance Items Aircraft Features: · Aspen Pro1000 PFD (Promax upgrade Available for $2000)· Recent Avionics Upgrade (new PS Engineering Audio Panel, Garmin Nav 2, Aspen, Garmin ADS B)· ADSB In/Out 1090 ES Garmin Transponder· Engine Pre-Heaters · Precise Flight Speed Brakes · XM Weather & Music · Garmin 796 Area as MFD (terrain, Traffic, weather) · Fully Overhauled Autopilot · Glide Slope Coupler · Garmin 430 WAAS · Recent Interior & Carpet · Recent Interior Plastics · New Glass passenger windows· Fully Functional De-Ice SystemsThe regulatory assets the company holds are a significant part of the overall value of this company. Establishing a new Part 135 operation can take 2-3 years, with a large expense spent on the necessary documentation, meetings, and other proving elements. The flight operations performed by Alpine Flight Training, Inc. fall in to Part 135 Air Charter. Additionally, a compliant drug testing program is required to support these activities. Drug test programs and Part 135 certification are all costly time consuming activities that bring overall value to the company by being fully established and ready to work for a new owner. Everything necessary to be immediately up and running is included in the sale.Air Charter To conduct Air Charter operations, the Federal Aviation Administration requires a company hold an Air Carrier Certificate and Part 135 Operating Specifications. Prerequisites for this include a significant amount of documentation, a conforming aircraft maintained to Part 135 standards, an established DOT/FAA compliant Drug Testing program that includes pilots and maintenance personnel. Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate Issued to Alpine Flight Training 9 Passengers of Less, Multi-Engine – Day/Night IFR/VFR Single Pilot 48 States + Alaska + Canada EFB OpsSpecs Issued Ground Deice OpsSpecs Issued No Violation History No Accident History Drug Testing Programs Alpine Flight Training, Inc. operates a DOT/FAA drug testing programs with the help of an outside administrator. The program covers all maintenance personnel and pilots, upon sale the program can easily accommodate the pilots and mechanics the new owner wishes to use.• No Violation HistoryLogo Design Alpine Flight Training owns all rights to our logos and has the original artwork files for professional reproduction on websites and print materials. These are available for use by the new owner.
Assets: Digital One of the most valuable assets Alpine Flight Training has is the various websites that are responsible for generation of nearly 70% of all sales. We do not use any form of pay-per-click or paid placement, so essentially the bulk of all transactions are generated without commission or marketing expense aside from the basis costs associated with hosting each of these websites. Each of the websites are geared to produce sales for a specific business segment. Collectively the sites are nearly 30,000 pages of available content.
Website: alpineairtours.com This site focuses on sales or air tours in the Vail and Roaring fork valley. The site is a simple 16 pages total however it provides an excellent landing for visitors coming from TripAdvisor and Yelp.
Website: alpineflight.com Alpineflight.com is a reasonably new website for the company, having only been in production for roughly 2 years. The design and intention of the site was to promote the air charter business. The site uses a dynamic database to generate pages automatically without the need of creating individual content. The result has been a site that has roughly 7000 pages registered in the google search engine and provides leads for charters on a weekly basis.
Website: alpineairtaxi.com This site was launched at the same time as alpineflight.com. The reason for launching this second site was to have a parallel effort that utilized conventional means to develop leads to mitigate risks related to the unconventional approach we followed when launching alpineflight.com. Company TransitionThe new owner is purchasing an aircraft and an S-CORP that contains the various assets required for running the 135. There are several other aircraft and other assets on within this company that are being used in flight training, those assets are not included in the sale. The single engine trainers will be transferred out of the company before the sale. This sale will include specifically the Seneca 2 Aircraft N7684C, the S-Corp Alpine Flight Training, Inc. which is the holder of certificate number 61MA135O with the FAA for On-demand Part 135, the associated drug test program, any spares/parts for the piper Seneca, digital assets including air charter websites, logos, and existing accounts used for procurement and sales. The current owner is an ATP/CFI/CFII/MEI – they will assist in the transition as needed with providing training to the new owner or owner’s pilot on the aircraft, prep for the FAA 135 checkride, familiarization with the operation, history, and all necessary documents. If required, the owner will provide training for the multi-engine commercial add-on rating. Additionally, the current owner will assist with the transition process completed with the FAA.
Upon Purchase of the operation $25,000 non refundable deposit due within 14 days. Remainder due at company and aircraft closing. Located at Eagle County Regional Airport - Call to view/discuss the aircraft and operation. Note that aircraft times continue to change as the aircraft is actively being flown for 135 charter.
Current date: 2019-02-24