“has sat for 2 years. Have not tried starting.” Pterodactyl 1977 Never exceed speed: 50 mph Maximum.

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“has sat for 2 years. Have not tried starting.”
Make: Pterodactyl Model Year: 1977
Never exceed speed: 50 mph
Maximum speed: 50 mph
Cruise speed: 45 mph
Stall speed: 17 mph
Range: 56 miles
Rate of climb: 300 ft/min
Wing loading: 2.16 lb/sq ft
Power/mass: 21.9 lb/hp
**I have the printed manual for these ultralights that will be included. It has step by step setup and build, along with flying characteristics and limitations**
I have not personally flown this aircraft, but I am a pilot and have had experience with these types of ultralights. I got these on a deal and have way too many other projects I am currently doing. (2 biplanes) The aircraft has been looked over and everything is there. (also have brand new bag of replacement hardware). The engine has good compression and spins freely. Might need the spark plugs replaced as its been a few years since last ran. The sail (wing fabric) is in good condition and has been stored indoors. There are a few small holes and a tear that would need fixed (small), but that can be easily done. If unsure how to do this, visit aircraft spruce website and they have sail repair patches you can purchase cheaply.
I do have another ultralight (same kind) that is unassembled and 2 engines (1 needs rebuilt)/ and a whole sail (wing fabric) that will be included in this deal. Both of them will fit the specially made trailer so that will make it easier and only make it 1 trip to carry everything to your place.
This includes everything.
1 assembled ultralight w/ installed engine and controls/gauges/seat with wing and extra sail (good condition)
1 unassembled ultralight with engine mounted on bracket, and another engine. 1 looks good (on mount) and the other engine has a hot spot on piston that needs rebuilt. Included wing and fabric, but fabric is in bad shape for the unasembled one.
YOU MUST PICKUP. (I can help with loading).
I cant drive halfway to meet as I am very busy with family and work.
Current date: 2017-01-09