Quad City You won t find a better Challenger II at this low price, and with this low number of flown.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Quad City
You won"t find a better Challenger II at this low price, and with this low number of flown hours! NO RESERVE LISTING !!
Original date of airframe manufacture: 1997.Date of kit completion: 2000.
N6555H Serial #: CH2-1197-R; Current TTAF : 82.6 ; My log book notes 21.7 hrs flying time since 11/10/2016. New Hobbs (at 0.00) installed when I purchased says 23.5 hrs (which includes taxiing, idling and run ups).
Engine: Rotax 503DCDI ; 52 HP;
TTAF when I purchased: 60 hours (est).
BRS Ballistic Chute – out of date.
When purchased by the previous owner (P.H.) in Feb 2007, with stated 25 TTAF, 30 TTE (estimated) he had the plane meticulously gone through and repaired anything needed at that time. He also did some upgrades along the way, but flew it sparingly. It was hangared in Western MA until he passed away suddenly in 2012. His wife then stored it in an enclosed trailer, in an enclosed garage until I purchased it in April, 2016. I have paperwork and information tracing the plane back to what I think was its inception.
Upgrades by the previous owner included: New fabric wing coverings in 2007; (always hangared then and now; in great shape)Tennessee Propeller 60x42, new in 2009: (prop hours at purchase: 6hrs)Back Forty upgraded main gear (both) and nose gear (2009)
A CHII owner/builder friend and I then went completely through the plane, made many upgrades, checked all tubes and assembly points, refreshed many components and made sure it was safe and airworthy. A new plexiglass surround with a hinged door was installed, and side rails were lowered to accommodate easier pilot access. This took 7 Months, until November, to complete. My first flight was November 10 2016. The plane has been stored inside during my entire ownership, at a private grass strip about 45 minutes away. Unfortunately due to family obligations, I was unable to fly as much as I had hoped.
Sale comes with a heater and intercom(both uninstalled). Also includes a hand held radio (never used, still in the box), a battery tender and 2 Avcomm headsets. There are no doors but I did fly it in the winter on nice days - dressed warmly! The BRS Chute was removed as it was out of date, but I still have it and will include it with the sale.The plane is rock steady, flies ‘hands off’ once trimmed, and can be safely flown to its new home base (within reason!) if desired. The airworthiness certificate expired this past November. Contact me for more pictures and videos. I also have inflight videos posted to youtube.
Current date: 2021-02-22