2007 Quad City I bought this beautiful Quad City Challenger II in early 2019. It was certified.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2007
Make: Quad City
I bought this beautiful Quad City Challenger II in early 2019. It was certified May,2007. N129AY has only hours 116 since new Rotax 503 engine and 865 TT on airframe. Covered with Poly Fiber. Monitor the engine with the EIS Engine Monitor 2000, a $1525 upgrade. Aircraft was in good condition when I bought it but I made it even better by installing a new windshield and having the Warp Drive Propeller overhauled by the factory to new condition. Great stopping power with the Hegar Brakes ($700), Electric starter. Upgraded fuel tank to 16 gallons giving you 5 hours aloft. Talk to ATC or other aircraft with the Comtronics Headsets and the Icom A-24 Aviation radio which also allows easy communication with your passenger using the Intercom system ($1075). The upgraded Fiberglass Gear Legs make landings soft and easy. Front and center in the panel are your Airspeed and T&B instruments. The Aviation Turbulence Cabin Heater will keep you toasty warm even well below freezing and the Hooker Harness Restraint System ($500) is top of the line. Navigate with the Garmin 196 GPS. Navigation and Strobe lights will allow other aircraft to easily see you. Snowing? No problem with the Penetrating Skis. Both the ELT and Comm Radio have Miracle Comm Antennas embedded in the aircraft to reduce drag. Light weight Odyssey battery. I had a Condition Inspection done by a Certified Rotax Mechanic with a LSA Repairman Maintenance Rating in September, 2019. Passed with Flying Colors! Quality of workmanship is Excellent. Paint is 7 out of 10. Spare engine core included in sale. As much as I like it, I bought it to sell it. Aircraft is hangared at KOWK in Norridgewock, Maine. Buyer must send a $1000 deposit within 48 hours of auction close. Balance to be paid within 14 days. Full refund of deposit of you don"t like what you see when you come to pick it up within the 14 day period. I can hangar it for a few months, if necessary, for $175 per month.
Current date: 2019-11-19